Here's the thing, I originally wanted to do something else...

... but once I had my first experience with a successful design, there was no turning back. I went to school mostly for illustration and drawing in different fields. However, following such an artistic career in Latin America is not easy. I opted to go into the world of graphic designed and learned all the appropriate software to do so.

I got scouted by a small business while I was still in college to work as an entry-level graphic designer. This experience gave a unique perspective of what I wanted. Fast forward four years later, and I was landing a job as a lead graphic designer for a construction company in Panama City, Panama. My experience in different industries gave me a wide range of skills reading communication and persuasion. In the end, as a graphic designer you are trying to help your client persuade a client to make an investment of some sort.

Little by little, accruing experience from my jobs, including a year as a luxury real estate listing agent, prepared me to go out fully on my own in 2019. So many years freelancing, and I was finally creating the business I wanted. Daring Intl is a brand that strives to elevate small and medium business owners to reach their goals. A business that doesn't want to create dependency, but loyalty. A service to give you hand as you grow.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sequential Arts

Savannah, Georiga, U.S.A.


Illustration Design, professional certification

Valencia, Venezuela