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Creating a strategic plan for social media can be a harder task than people can imagine.  There are many decisions to be made.  There’s so many opinions out there that even if you do a little research to inform yourself, you might be left with a 1000 more questions than you started with at the beginning.  My biggest question was always the same:  where should I start?

Brainstorming is my favorite part of all creative projects, and that is where we should start.  However, it is easy to get lost without guidance.  I want to share with you 5 questions that will lead your brainstorming to provide the initial information you need to create a plan for your social media.


Who is
your audience?

Describe your audience well, including information that might seem very personal.  The more detailed your emotional analysis of your audience, the better you’ll be able to communicate with them.


How can you inspire your audience?

Our history and our knowledge can motivate our audience.  Share your triumphs and failures in your field of expertise in order for them to identify themselves in your stories. 


How can you send your message with efficacy?

Whether its the language you use, the platform you choose or even the way you write, it is important that you research which is the best way to share your knowledge.  Each social network has users with very particular characteristics and we must take advantage of this segmentation as much as possible. 


What knowledge do
you want to share?

We all have one or two ideas in our bank that really drive us.  Make sure that you share a subject that you want to expand and educate others.  This will make your content feel genuine and trustworthy. 


How can you improve your audience's life?

When we are looking for information on the internet, we generally are looking for an answer to a new problem in our lives.  Post your tricks, your planning, your sources of inspiration!  In your process, others might find the answers to their own problems.

Share the results of your brainstorm!  We all have different ways of starting our projects.  How do you start your projects? 

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