About you

STEP 1: Look at your WINS!

We are so used to the things we get done that we don't really celebrate our wins. Let's take some time to celebrate ourselves and the awesome things we achieved during the week.

List 3 wins from this past week!*

Think big and small! Personal or professional! What moments made you feel like a winner this past week? Did you make a new client? Did you finish a book? Did you discover a new restaurant? Had an awesome workout? EVERYTHING GOES!

What moved forward in your personal life? *

Think about things that are important to you or contribute to your growth, even if its something small or trivial. Did you have a meaningful conversation? Did you dedicate some time to yourself? Did you feel some personal growth?

What moved forward in your professional life?*

Think about things that are important to your career and professional growth. Did you improve your productivity? Did you make some important business decisions today? Did you unleash more of your potential?

STEP 2: GROW from your failures!

We underestimate how much we can learn from the things that might not go as planned or that truly frustrate us. When we are aware of what gets in our way (many times it will be yourself), we start to be able to bring clarity. This will allow us to make better choices as each week goes by.

What was your biggest obstacle / frustration?*

What valuable lesson did you learn from it?
How will you apply it moving forward forward?*

STEP 3: REFLECT about your week!

There's no way to make next week better if you don't know what areas need improvement. Think about your week and do an honest reflection about what is working, what isn't, what you are able to get done and what adjustments need to be made to keep growing and growing.

What fell through the cracks this week and why? *

Did you not do something necessary for your growth? Where you no table to commit to your calendar? What choices did you make that might have lead to failing in this task?

How many days did you complete your daily habits this week?*

Be honest!

STEP 4: PROJECT your coming week

The only way to finally stop reacting to the events in your week is to plan it out. This also helps you know what you could be doing whenever you find some extra time. Lets make your week powerful and productive!

What are your 3 main goals this week that will move you forward in living a more passionate, purposeful and prosperous life? (THESE WILL BE SPECIFIC AND MEASURABLE) *

These are typically related to your main mission/goal and should really move you forward. This can be business/career related, project related, personal development related.

STOP and do this now!

Before heading onto your other commitments, get out your planner or calendar and time-block out the necessary time it's going to take to make sure your big 3 tasks get done this week. You deserve amazing growth and results, and that shit doesn't happen on accident. DECIDE when you're going to do it, write it down, and commit to yourself.!

Did you time-block distraction-free time for your 3 main goals this week? *

What would you like to focus on this week? *

What would you like help with me from me this week? This there something you need to be kept accountable for? Do you need help developing something? Let me know!