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    Nick Matiash, men's coach

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    May 12, 2021

Evolved Man Logo

I had worked with Nick with his original Moving Past Mediocre brand before he decided to evolve his brand and asked me to produce this logo.  He wanted to convey a sense of brotherhood and sensibility—an uncommon duo these days.  A big part of the inspiration was the accompanying slogan: Heart, Purpose, and Profits.

Shield logos have become a big trend in the coaching industry as it represents building up our personal and emotional strength.  Adding symbols of royalty and triumph, I was able to produce a beautiful representation of all the benefits you get from Nick’s coaching.  It is amazing what he was able to do with it moving forward.

The logo looked amazing when printed as an office banner, and also on some cool swag for his gang.  Along side the logo, Nick wanted some simple image backgrounds he could use to produce stories, posts and other digital graphics.  It was such an amazing feeling to see his visual brand grow.  He started posting great Instagram content, taking on the challenge of being consistent.